You’re a dreamer, a smart, responsible and creative woman but something is keeping you stuck and you don’t know how to unblock this pattern. Can you relate?

Open your wings and fly with me to discover your higher self.


Learn to calm your mind. Feel the peace of a fishing village inside you. Connect with your sensuality and beauty and return to your roots. Return to your essence.

What are we going to focus on?

  • Creation of your life roadmap and guidance to the areas that need special
  • Reconnect with your dreams and give them
  • Identify what are the blocks that keep you stuck.
  • Identify your main energies so you can learn to work with them.
  • Mindfulness tricks to keep the good vibes flowing.

How are we going to work:

4 weeks of focused inner work where you’ll learn how to keep your priorities in order so you can get clear on your life purpose.

During our 4 weeks together we will have 1 session/week and I will also follow up with you to keep you accountable on your journey to stardom.

Value: 250 €

In person and online sessions available.


Get inspired by the sea breeze. Flow with life like a good islander does. Put the rush aside, everything is under control. Release your inner child and have fun!

What we'll accomplish:

  • Creation of your life roadmap and guidance to the areas that need more of your attention.
  • Reconnect with your dreams, give them shape and plan the route to manifest them.
  • Identify and unblock those patterns that keep you stuck.
  • Identify your main energies.
  • Learn how to balance your energies and make them work for your own benefit.
  • Get clarity on your goals and set a plan to achieve them.
  • Work together on your plan to ensure your goals are met.
  • Learn and connect with your menstrual cycle so you can take advantage of it in your daily life.

  • Get your Astrological birth chart with your main personality components.

How we'll work:

Keep growing in your journey towards your truth and self love. Throughout our 12 weeks together you’ll obtain the tools you need to activate your inner power instantly.

During our 3 months together we will have 9 calls/sessions + 1 complimentary.

I’ll support you all the way on your sello discovery journey and will follow up with you to keep you accountable.

You will be added to the Facebook community so you can keep getting daily inspiration.

Groups available (4 people máx.).

Enjoy 10% off on any retreats you join.

Value: 650 €

*Payment plan available

In person and online sessions available.


Go beyond yourself, let go of your own expectations and surrender to the magic of the universe. Become a manifestor. Be your own alchemist. Get control of your emotions and transform them into light.

What you'll achieve:

Go even deeper and adding the work included in Calma & Flow packages, you will now also gain: 

  • Confidence living your life and truth unapologetically.
  • Inner peace & self love. No more emotional rollercoasters or doubting yourself.
  • Connection to your inner power and light.
  • Ability to be assertive. Speak your truth naturally and fearlessly.
  • Self awareness.
  • Awaken your intuition and creativity.
  • High level of consciousness. Be the leader of your life and lead with love.
  • Connect your cycles with nature cycles. Sense of belonging and freedom.

How we'll work:

24 weeks of deep transformation process in which i’ll be by your side, supporting, and guiding you become the best version of you unapologetically.

You will be added to the Facebook community so you can keep getting daily inspiration.

Groups available (4 people máx.).

Enjoy 20% off on any retreats you join.

Value: 1.200 €

*Payment plan available

In person and online sessions available.


There’s a whole universe inside you.

A session to self-discovery where you’ll learn and confirm what are your basic personality traits, behavioural patterns, your virtues and challenges so you can start living your best life consciously.

Value: 70 €


“There’s no stronger power in life than femenine energy; nature is a proof of it.”

Like nature, women hold an immense power within which in many cases, due to lack of consciousness we are not aware of it and don’t know how we can access to it. Taking the time to acknowledge this power and re-connecting with our inner light allows us women, to activate our self worth, creativity, inner peace and strength. These are the basics of the seasonal retreats we celebrate to assist women have that moment of honoring ourselves, our essence and nature, surrounded by a reduced group of women who share your same values and needs. If you’re interested in details for the next retreat, feel free to send a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Are you looking to host a special dinner celebration at home with your someone special or friends? Do you feel like having an intimate birthday celebration? Maybe a housewarming or a farewell?

If this is the case, you can count on us to offer you a different experience. Imagine an event where all your senses come to play. Along with a healthy menu and decoration of your place we will get you to know each other way deeper with mindfulness games that will make you lose track of time in a private and cozy ambiance. Themed celebrations under request.

Max: 8p.

Join me for a free call

Do you want to gain confidence, free yourself from old toxic patterns so you can start living your best life but are not sure how or where to start from? I invite you to join me on a free 30 min call where we will get to know each other and discuss what’s the best way I can help you at this point in your life so you can improve your relationship with yourself and others. Once we discuss your needs and goals, we’ll work together to get you on the right mindset to make your dreams come true with ease.

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