Aloha! It’s such a pleasure to meet you, beautiful!

I’m Silvia. I define myself as a responsible dreamer. Catalan- Caribbean descendant, this exotic mix makes me feel i’m from both sides of the world; this is why when i’m asked where i’m from i simply say I’m a citizen of the world. What I can’t deny though, is that i’m a mystic beach lover, a travel addict who needs the sea and music in her life. Even back when I was a little girl I remember feeling a strong connection to the universe & stars above us. One of my all time hobbies is going to the beach at night just to stare at the stars while trying to understand the mystery and answers within them. Being a little girl that was fascinating.

As I grew older I developed my creativity and communication skills along with my keenness to fashion and connecting with different people which lead me to graduate in Fashion Marketing & Communications and move to New York to live my fashionista dream for 8 years, planning different NYFW shows and events.

Once I felt I achieved my mission in the magical city of NY with many adventures and lessons learned, I started connecting with my inner being and realized I felt lost. I loved my career and what I was doing but for some reason I wasn’t feeling accomplished. I realized I had lost myself in the rush & non-stop lifestyle. By having to portray an image and being always available for others I was totally disconnected from my own needs.

Good news is everything happens for a reason and by getting this first insight I started to be more conscious about myself which helped me gain clarity on what kept me on that unsatisfying loop. I managed to confirm I love being of service for people offering them magical experiences they can remember for a lifetime and so, that gave me the impulse to start planning my own private events for current people who wanted to celebrate special live moments with loved ones, without the urgent press requirements.

Fast forward a couple years later when I thought I was being able to gain control of my adult life: I was creating my own events company while also starting a relationship I saw as my destiny. Out of nowhere, after a magical night full of celebration and loving promises I woke up to nothing but loneliness. My “so-perfect” relationship was abruptly interrupted. After a year he left with no explanation, no message, no nothing…like a ghost.

This is the moment when I truly felt my emotional core hit rock bottom and had to rebuild myself in all levels since that heartbreak ended affecting all areas of my life and got me back to feeling lost 101 and emotionally numb and depressed.

Now, years later I see this crisis as the baseline of finding my purpose and truly getting my power back. Feeling as desperate and lost as I was I realized I needed help so while I immersed myself in therapy I also started studying psychology as a way to heal and try to understand myself… which also introduced me into astrology studies and that’s what really helped me transform my mindset and self awareness. 

I became so passionate about the answers I got through astrology in every aspect of my life I realized I need to share the message to the world by using both psychology techniques with astrology in order to help other smart, professional and caring women get their power back by living their best life being aligned with the power of Mother Nature and owning their truth unapologetically.

Life is nothing but a dream.

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